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Kevin W. Kolander

Meet your artist Kevin W. Kolander!  Kevin has been a computer software architect, engineer, and technologist since 1977, operating in Fortune 10 companies, earning an emeritus technical fellowship, and rubbing elbows with some of the greatest technical thought leaders of our time.

Inspired by the works of Patrick Nagel, he began creating wall art in 1990, moving from acrylic/ink-pen to full Bezier Curve digital originals in 2005.  Each piece can be scaled to any size without loss of resolution and can be printed on any type of device.  He currently uses an HP industrial plotter capable of 48" and uses 12-color pigmented ink at 2,400 dots-per-inch resolution.  A variety of high-quality fine art paper is available, typically around 180 GSM weight, or museum canvas that can be stretched over a wooden frame.

In 2013, Kevin began creating "movie props" to outfit his movie theater:  HAL/9000, Star Trek's BETA-5 computer, and culminating in Battlestar Galactica's Cylon Centurion warrior (to pair with his Terminator endoskeleton from another production company).

By 2016, Kevin began creating Gynoid (female artificial humanoid) installation art after a deep scan of the Internet turned up no other sources.  The mission?  Guiding aesthetics and fashion for the future social integration of Gynoids through representative installation art!

His Gynoids feature hyper-realistic faces and hands, poseable heads, arms, and hands, clear acrylic torsos (revealing faux "robotic machinery"), and custom-pattern LED effects.  They stand over 6 feet and exude stunning avant-garde looks.  Around the world, various robotic firms are creating an array of humanoid robots and when computing technology actually moves from Artificial Intelligence to Artificial Consciousness, Androids (male) and Gynoids will be integrating with society.  Artisans like Kevin are rushing to set the tone for appearance and style.